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PAXCON Line-X Fragmentation & Spall Protective Coating

AR500 Armor® is dedicated to offering the most affordable product made of the highest quality material we can find. Our ballistic plate is unmatched in quality and effectiveness. Best of all, our prices haven’t changed! We’re now offering a better product at the same affordable price, and allowing customers more options on customizing their armor to meet their requirements. Now, we’ve taken it a step further!

AR500 Armor® is the only approved in-house applicator inside of the US for proper applicable of PAXCON (by line-x) spall & frag mitigation protective coating on Body Armor.

The playlist below shows the full capabilities of our PAXCON protection coating! Including slow motion footage of AR500 Armor®® Body Armor with our PAXCON Build Up containing frag & spall from shotgun slugs; and a comparison of what happens on an uncoated backstop.

AR500 Armor® New PAXCON Line-x Base CoatLine-X Protective Coating product, and upgrade options for our armor systems applied in house!

AR500 Armor® Body Armor now comes with a new protective base coat which has replaced our old enamel coat. This new Base Coat is in the Line-X family of products and is used to mitigate Spall and Fragmentation. In addition to these properties the coat has unmatched performance in extreme wear, chemical, water, and harsh element resistance, along with a hand applied high traction surface – making it the perfect choice to coat our Armor with.

To offer a solution for all customers and allow customization we’ve added more options to our armor!

PAXCON Line-X Base Coat: The Base Coat is what all AR500 Armor® ships with (free of charge). Each plate goes through a 4 stage cleaning process to ensure maximum adhesion and to take full advantage of the coat. This base coat provides increased protection and offers some spall and fragmentation mitigation. The goal of the Base Coat isn’t to fully contain fragmentation, but absorb what it can and change the path after a strike outwards and away from the operator. The Base Coat is effective at this, and should be chosen to maintain a thin profile.

PAXCON Line-X Build Up: AR500 Armor® also offers a Base Coat Build-Up for customers who would like increased containment of the projectile when it strikes an AR500 Armor® Body Armor. The Base Coat Build Up is a unique in house method of building up the Line-X Protective Coat greatly enhancing its spall and fragmentation mitigation properties. Our Build Up Base Coat on AR500 Armor® can defeat and will better contain multiple hits of 7.62×51 Military M80 ball as close as 10 yards on the strike face. The Build Up will increase the thickness of your plate to .5” and add ¾”lb.

Spall and Fragmentation mitigation properties vary widely and your results will vary. Variables such as distance, round, velocity, barrel length, and angle will all play a role in creating different results in different conditions

More Details on the AR500 Armor®® Base Coat and Base Coat Build Up option.

AR500 Armor® didn’t make the move to Line-X easily. We’ve tested all of the most common solutions on the market, including the off-brand “truck bed liners”, and were not satisfied with the results. We made the move in this direction based on our own testing, and Line-X being the proven leader in the protective coating industry and in fragmentation and spall mitigation.

Some may tell you it’s all about the unique primers that make a coat effective. In a ballistic application, such as AR500 Body Armor, any sort of primer has little effect if the receiving end isn’t prepped properly and is often a technique of placing a less functional Band-Aid on an improperly prepared surface – it’s simply a thin layer of paint between two surfaces with little adhesion benefits and no ballistic properties. Each of our armor plates go through a series of processes to ensure proper surface prep allowing maximum adhesion of the Line-X Base Coat making it as effective as possible. Our armor goes through 4 stages of cleaning and prep before it even hits our paint booth. The Line-X Base Coat offers an extremely durable finish that is chemical resistant, water resistant, wear resistant, and requires no maintenance. Also featuring a hand applied, high traction surface creating a unique texture on each piece of armor. This texture helps retain the plate and keep it in position while in your carrier.

PAXCON Line-X Base Coat: This new Base Coat will be applied to all AR500 Armor® plates, including our 10” x 12”, 6” x 8”, 6” x 6”, Pack Armor, and all future models. We strongly believe that this is the best option available on the market for AR500 Armor® Body Armor. The Base Coat does provide some spall and fragmentation mitigation properties, to a higher level than our old enamel coat. The base coat does contain some spall and fragmentation on the strike face and most importantly changes the path away from the operator offering more protection. The base coat is designed to be effective while maintaining the thin profile of our armor.

PAXCON Line-x Build Up: The “Build Up” option will be available to customers who would like the best solution on the market for improved containment of the projectile after striking the plate. We perform a unique in house Build Up of our Line-X Base Coat greatly increasing the coats effectiveness at containing spall and fragmentation. Our Base Coat Build Up is capable of withstanding and containing multiple hits of 7.62×51 Military M80 ball round as close as 10 yards on the strike face. The Build Up does require more material, and will bring the thickness of our standard AR500 Armor® to .5” thick, in addition to adding 0.5 lbs.

The Base Coat and Base Coat Build Up allow customers the choice of maintain a thin profile and weight savings while still including the benefits of Line-X on the armor.